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Shandong Institute of Light Industry – Jinan, China

November 15, 2010
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David Rawlins writes:
Below is a teaching position in Mainland China. If you are interested or you need more information please contact me on this email address ( or phone our UK number (44) 1273782091。
If you want to immediately apply please send the following by email and state which position you are interested in.
1. Passport photo page
2. Teaching Certificate
3. University Degree Certificate
4. Reference Letter
5. CV
Additional English / Art teacher – December 2010(This is a new position where you will work alongside another foreign teacher)

The name of the University is Shandong Institute of Light Industry. It is located in a City called Jinan. The city is towards the north of China.

All of the courses are “design orientated” subjects that will be taught to 18 – 23 year old students. The courses concentrate on visual design. You will be teaching the students these courses in English and helping them improve their communicative / written / reading skills within the backdrop of design.

The pay will be around 5000 – 8000 RMB based on your qualifications. The working week is Monday – Friday (18 hours per week)

There is a community of foreign teachers already working at the University. They include an Irish teacher, Canadian teacher and a Japanese teacher. You will also be working in partnership with a British teacher.

The package includes,

1 bedroom apartment on campus, with furniture and all bills paid

Flight allowance of 10000 RMB (1000 UK pounds),

Working visa(Full Z Visa),

Paid holidays( 1 month during February) 10 month contract till July 2011.

Support from a UK based organisation


1. 2 years ‘work experience’ in education (Practical Experience essential)

2. Native English Speaker

3. Educated to University Level


Connections International Ltd

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