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Sophie Burton – Sicily

April 11, 2011

Sophie Burton (October Part-Time Course 2010) writes: I thought I would send you an update on how I’m settling in in Sicily. I have had a lot more support from the school I am working in now and my DOS is always on hand for extra support.. The teachers are all very supportive here and the school has a very good reputation. I currently teach various classes kids, children teenagers and adults and various levels from beginners to advanced.I love the job and I have the support here if needed. I teach in two different schools and have access to the company car to get back and for between the schools. One of the schools is located in a smaller village which takes about 30 mins to get to. So overall the outcome has been very positive and the move was a successful one. I am applying to work in a summer school based in the university for the summer period.

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  1. Kain Adey permalink
    May 3, 2011 4:33 pm

    Hi Sophie,

    I’m considering taking the CELTA at Swansea Uni and have seen there are several employment opportunities across Europe. I don’t speak any other language well, but want to go to Spain to teach and learn Spanish. Did you already speak Italian when you left, and how has living there changed your language ability?

    Best Wishes,


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