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Volunteer Opportunities in Swansea – Unity in Diversity Group

June 15, 2011

Wayne Yare writes:

At the Unity in diversity group we have enjoyed the committed support of 2 volunteer teachers for the last few months, Dawn Warren and Graham O’donoghue. Fortunately for them (but not so for us) they are moving on to paid jobs, and in one case as a direct result of being a volunteer with us. So, we now need further reliable volunteers with a genuine interest in helping people coming to live here in the UK.
Our aim is to provide 3 English classes per evening at the group, at beginner, pre intermediate and intermediate levels. The group runs from 5pm to 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and classes are usually around 1 hour. If we were able to provide 3 classes at 3 different levels on each evening we would be very happy indeed.
If you could make this known to anyone suitable and interested I would be very grateful. We are in immediate need of help.
My contact details are below, interested persons could contact me directly and/or view our blog to see what we do.

Mr. Wayne Yare
ESOL teacher
Mobile: 07944523256
Swansea – South Wales – UK

My blog follows the ESOL program at the ‘Unity in Diversity’ group

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  1. Max permalink
    September 6, 2012 6:54 pm

    It’s wonderful to see how diverse the ESOL class is been run at the Unity in Diversity Group drop in Centre. Thanks to the course tutor Wayne Yare for his commitment. Many thanks to the Cyrenians Community Centre.

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