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Michael Lang – CELTA Autumn 2009 – Language Centre “AAA English from English”, Moscow

February 13, 2012
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Michael Lang writes with an update on his language school in Moscow:
“2011 saw some great strides in my school in Moscow. At the beginning of 2011, we had about 100 students studying with us, which, from a start only 6 months earlier we felt was a great achievement. At the beginning of 2012, we have some 300 students studying with us, so we saw a 200% increase in student numbers. I have 4 other native speaking teachers working with me at the moment and I hope another 3 will join us in the next few weeks. At the moment I am writing this email to you from an English language camp. During the winter holiday here in Moscow it is customery to use the downtime and get the kids doing some English lessons at a camp away from home for a few days. It gives the parents a break and also is useful for the kids to learn and improve their English. There are some 70 kids in total in 2 camps. The name of the company is ecamp and we are using this experience to get closer together as we are sure we can cooperate in the summer holidays providing courses and native speaking teachers for their camps around Moscow. Also, the students in the database of ecamp are starting to be recommended to come to AAA English for everyday lessons. I hope this cooperation will be quite successful for both parties, as the problem that ecamp was having was finding good native speaking English teachers, so I hope they will see the benefits of working with us. Also, I hope it will give us an extra income stream in the summer, which is the cyclical downturn for the static schools in Moscow city. Ecamp are already promoting my school on their site at
I still remember fondly my time on the course at Swansea, and in fact I was staying in Swansea during the Christmas week and it all came flooding back. Seminal times.”
Michael can be reached via his school’s website,
or at:
Language Centre “AAA English from English”
No 8 Staromonetny Pereulok 6/7

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