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Gaming and Gamification – a Win-win for Language Learning

June 9, 2014

IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group (IATEFL LTSIG) and TESOL CALL Interest Section  (TESOL CALL-IS) are holding a joint one day online conference on the 14th June 2014.

Free-to-access ( you do not have to be a member), the day runs from 1400 t0 2200 GMT (1000 to 1800 New York).

It’s a packed programme, and looks to be a fansinating insight into several aspects of the use of gaming in teaching:

“Gaming, gamification, serious games, game-play and language games – all sounds fun! Yet, how effective is this in enhancing language learning? Invited guest speakers are Elisabeth Hanson-Smith, Deborah Healey, Karenne Sylvester, Jeff Kuhn, Dawn Bikowski, Graham Stanley, Paul Driver, Julie Sykes and others. We will enjoy a welcome address and short report by Nicky about her visiting the TESOL Convention in Portland, USA and Elisabeth Hanson-Smith’s visit to the UK for IATEFL in Harrogate. There is also a special networking event and a closing plenary.”

Details of how to join the sessions are at:

And the sesions will also be recorded.


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