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Teachers – Shane English Schools, Taiwan.

May 28, 2015
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Johnnie Yates, the HR Assistant Director of Studies for Shane English Schools Taiwan writes to recruit new teachers.

Johnnie informs me that Shane English Schools have a long and successful history of providing excellent English tuition throughout many English language schools in Taiwan and beyond and that “to maintain  standards with continued growth, we always try to hire teachers who hold CELTAs”.

Johnnie continues: “Shane language schools take on new members of staff on a monthly basis, so have positions available from as early as June 2015. We provide a week of training focused on teaching English to young learners and a host of other benefits, as highlighted in the attached literature. We offer the opportunity for new teachers to build on what they have studied in an environment that has a great emphasis on their support and development.”

“Both an introductory profile and a brochure for our schools is available”

You can contact Johnnie at:

John Yates
Human Resources ADoS
Shane English School Taiwan
6F-1, 41 Roosevelt Road, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan
Skype: saxoncourt_jy
Tel. +886-2-2351-7755 ext.116

SEST Introduction to Company 2015 (May edition)


Taipei Brochure


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