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Scams and scammers

February 9, 2016

If you ever get an email like this one, as I did today, do not reply.

“Hello Teacher,

I got to know that you are an ESL teacher on an ESL teaching job site and i decided to contact you to know if you will be able to come to Manchester England to tutor my family We are Moscow Russia living in England.I will need a teacher who will come to Manchester and tutor my family for a period of 1 and half years.
I will give you accommodation and also will pay you monthly of
US$6,000 which is US$2,000/child monthly.

Though i have seen your brief CV but i will like you to send me your updated CV,picture and also your availability date.”

Only grief can ever come from falling for such a scam, and the give-aways above are several:

  • The salutation is generic. The scammer will harvest emails from various places, with no idea who you are.
  • So when exactly and where exactly did I place my details on a teaching job site? (I haven’t)!
  • Think about it. A man is going to pay you, unseen, to take on his kids education? Sure, that’s exactly what a responsible parent would do, isn’t it.
  • That much money for exactly how much work? Sounds well paid, doesn’t it. Too well paid in fact (such work exists, and can be rewarding in many ways, but it isn’t available at this high rate of pay, or being arranged like this).

The likely outcomes from this, if you contact them, are one or a combination of the following:

  • identity theft
  • theft of your financial information
  • advance fee scam – you are asked to pay to get there, with a promise of repayment on arrival (this is the most likely scenario)
  • Money laundering – you are used to process money. They might pay you an agreed small advance, then you are paid a different far larger amount, which is a “mistake”. Repaying this, possibly to a different account, you have just “cleaned” their dirty money. They will probably take the rest of your account too.

Do you see the DELETE key? That is the only useful response when faced with such an email.


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  1. lilo permalink
    February 16, 2016 12:08 pm

    I just got the same email today, 16/2/2016. that’s what i thought. a pathetic scam. it’s just too good to be true. Thanks for your info!

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