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International Education Services, Japan, on-going vacancies

August 15, 2016


Rob Strachan, the DOS at International Education Services has written looking for new applicants on an on-going basis:

“Searching for a unique, CV boosting start to your career? Interested in experiencing Japanese business culture first-hand? Excited by the chance to live and work in amazing Tokyo?

Graduates with an interest in teaching and/or coaching are encouraged to apply to International Education Services   (IES), an established language training consultancy based in Japan.

You will teach (depending on your background) several types of English communication courses (management, engineering, pharmaceutical, computer services, healthcare services, order-made, as well as general business communication skills) to employees selected by our corporate clients in Japanese industry, as well as to officials from national government ministries and agencies. You will also conduct English language lessons as an Assistant Language Teacher for young learners in public primary and secondary schools.

You will be given extensive teacher training on arrival supplemented with regular feedback and coaching. In your adult classes, you will be trained to use a small group, communicative, English-only, coaching-based approach. For all classes, detailed training plans and in-house learning materials will be provided. Administrative assistance with class logistics will be provided by our bilingual Japanese course coordinators.

You will earn between the Japanese Yen (JPY) equivalent of £19,000 ~ £21,000 annually depending on your background, work experience, and performance. Compensation is paid monthly in JPY (income tax deductions will be about 5-7%; value added tax is 8%; automobile ownership unnecessary). You will be offered an annual, renewable contract which includes work-visa sponsorship, paid vacations, subsidized health insurance payments (Japan’s national plan covers 70% of medical/dental fees), contract fulfilment bonus and travel expenses to/from teaching assignments. You will also receive comprehensive assistance with your work-visa submission, hotel and other arrival arrangements, finding accommodation (average rent about £370.00/month), and other settling-in challenges.

Your starting date is negotiable, with the biggest windows of opportunity during the months of March ~ June and August ~ October.

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