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English Language Camp Counsellor, France (various) starting Feb. & March 2017.

December 19, 2016

American Village Camps in France is looking to hire English-language camp counsellors! They have programmes that are British-themed and American-themed, with camps that have been running with success for 24 years!

These immersion camps create a positive environment where it is fun, natural and necessary to use English. Each camp also focuses on cultural exchange. Native anglophone counsellors lead activities & English classes. Activities are things like sports, arts and crafts, large-scale games, skits, story-telling, song-leading & cheers. Counsellors are also responsible for the safety and well-being of the campers under their care. Counsellors live at camp for the duration of their contract.

This is a unique work experience in rural France, working on a multi-cultural team and meeting people from all over the United Kingdom and North America – all while having fun with the campers under your care.

  • Monthly Salary : 1170 euros per month, before French taxes
  • 50 euro travel reimbursement within France
  • All housing and meals are paid for by the employer (around 30 euros/day/person)
    • No family, couples, or pet housing
  • Accident/liability insurance while working
  • Website :

 An ideal English language counsellor applicant is : 

–          Someone who is outgoing, fun and energetic!

–          Someone who is responsible, organized and tidy!

–          Someone who loves working with people of all ages!

 Minimum Qualifications :

–          We seek camp counsellors who are native English speakers.

–          minimum age 20, (generally applicants are 20 to 35 years old)

–          recent camp counselling or childcare experience

–          clear criminal history

–          a positive professional reference

–          a high school diploma (A-levels) from a school in an anglophone country

–          Knowledge of French is not a requirement!

–          Having a CELTA diploma is not a requirement, but can be a plus!

 Want to apply? Read more about the program and access the on-line application on the website:


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