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IATEFL Scholarships for 2018 conference

May 22, 2017

Every year, IATEFL have scholarships for the conference. These are valuable awards, designed to engage teachers who may otherwise be unable to attend. There are various awards, some designed for special interests, and others more general. You do not, in every case, need to be an IATEFL member to apply.

Here is more information in a repost of the IATEFL Scholarship Working Party announcement.

“Scholarships for the 2018 IATEFL conference

We are pleased to announce that the information regarding scholarships for the IATEFL Conference 2018 in Brighton is now live on the conference website, here.  Applications will open on Thursday 18 May 2017, and the deadline for submissions is 15.00 GMT (16.00 BST) on Tuesday 18 July 2017. You will be contacted with the result of your application at the beginning of September, so please be sure you keep an eye on your email during that time.

If you look at the list of scholarships, you can see general guidelines about which scholarship may be most appropriate for you. However, please read the text for each scholarship very carefully, as each one has its own requirements. Every year, our scholarship winners say, ‘I never thought I would win!’ But to win, you have to apply, so please have a good look at the scholarships on offer, and see which one you could apply for. Below are a couple of quotes from past winners:

‘Apply. Go on – do it!’ With almost exactly these words, a colleague urged me to apply. The result has been joy, sharing, meeting dedicated others like me, and future pathways. So, go on – do it!

Winning an IATEFL scholarship is an awesome experience and a great privilege for an English language teacher-researcher. I feel that anyone can aspire to win this great award. So, be confident. Go ahead! You may be in the list of scholarship winners next year.

Please visit the scholarships page and start thinking about which scholarship you might like to apply for. Be sure you also read the FAQs and general guidelines for all scholarships, as well as the information on each individual scholarship you might be interested in. We look forward to receiving your applications!

Maureen McGarvey, Chair Scholarship Working Party

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