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Entry level teachers – Santiago de Compostela (SCQ), Spain – immediate

August 3, 2017

Brandon Morgan, the Director of Studies at OELS English,  has written to me about some attractive new opportunities for newly qualified teachers . OELS English is one of the major English language schools  in the northwest of Spain. Unlike some schemes that have recently sprung up which offer limited experience for little or no pay, this is a real job, working in a supported environment with clear terms and conditions. It’s likely to be very attractive for keen and able new trainees.

He writes:

“The reason why I am contacting you is to let you know that this year we have created a new scheme for newly qualified teachers here in our school that will allow them to gain experience and work with us in a very safe environment with a highly organized program which is designed to facilitate the working abroad experience. 

Our program is working very well so far and we already have our first applicants and even a few confirmed teachers for the next academic year 2017-2018. 

This program is really not more than just a very good job offer but with certain characteristics that have been specifically enhanced or added to make it into a great career opportunity, especially for newly qualified teachers.

Along with everything explained above, I would like you to check our program / job offer so you can take it into consideration as a great opportunity for your students who have recently completed your CELTA program. 

You can find all of the details and information about our program here in this link:

Our goal is to have this year participants already chosen before the end of this month.

Please be aware that this is a normal job, so the chosen teachers will not have to pay 

anything to access these positions at all. They just need to follow the application process

described on our website. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Brandon G. Morgan │ Director of Studies

OELS English │ Avenida da Coruña, 6 │ Santiago de Compostela │ 15701 │ Spain

T1 +34 981 575 230 │ T2 +34 881 948 011

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