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January 24, 2018

National Theatre Wales are inviting submissions from Welsh or Welsh based ESOL teachers who also have some experience as performers.

Casting Breakdown: 


National Theatre Wales and Quarantine

ENGLISH is a collaboration between National Theatre Wales and Quarantine.

We’re devising a piece of performance that looks at the relationship between language and identity in the context of migration:

What happens to your sense of self when you move somewhere, and you don’t really know how to say who you are? Right now seems an interesting and complex moment to look at questions around “English-ness” and nationhood and belonging – and perhaps even more interesting and complex to do this in Wales, particularly through the lens of looking at language. The performance will take the form of a language lesson for its audience, a challenge maybe to the notion of “One nation, one language” politics, and a glance towards a future where the use of multiple languages in society is not just commonplace and accepted, but desirable, enriching, maybe inevitable…

Quarantine’s work focuses upon the lived experience of its performers.  It asks questions about representation – about who speaks for whom – and concocts an appropriate form for each piece.  The people on stage are individuals, each with their own story – they are experts in their own lives.

PERFORMER, any gender, playing age 30 – 55

There will be one performer in ENGLISH, on stage alongside a technician and a stage manager.

We’re looking for someone with direct personal experience of teaching, preferably in teaching English as a Second or Other Language.  Our ideal would be that the performer also has personal experience of migration.  It would be an advantage, but not essential, if the performer is Welsh-speaking or has knowledge of the Welsh language.

We’re inviting expressions of interest from experienced performers (any gender) and/or experienced teachers (any gender) who meet the above criteria and are willing to perform and commit to the duration of the project and future touring.  Welsh- or Wales-based performers and/or teachers preferred.

PRODUCTION DATES (please note: you must be available for all dates): 

Research and development: 19th to 23rd March 2018 (Cardiff)

Rehearsals: 8th May to 9th June (Cardiff)

Performances: 14th to 24th June 2018 (Cardiff)

There are plans for future UK and International Touring.

Wage: £585 per week rehearse and play

Relocation, commuting or touring allowance, if/when applicable, will be paid in line with UK Theatre / Equity Subsidised Agreement Rates for 2017-19

NTW Casting Policy:

Every project is unique and NTW auditions to discover the most talented performers who connect to the company’s values and can help us to create extraordinary work. In doing so, NTW is flexible but committed in pursuit of the following priorities across each project:

  • Creating opportunities for performers who are Welsh, based in Wales or professionally trained in Wales.
  • Casting inclusively, promoting equality of opportunity in the arts and authentically representing Wales’ diverse communities.

Additional needs:

We will strive to make any required provisions, at interview and at work, to ensure that everyone has equal access to this opportunity. To discuss how we can meet your access requirements and/or additional needs, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

AUDITIONS will take place in Cardiff on 8th & 9th February 2018.

** Please let us know your availability for these dates when you suggest yourself.**  

How to apply: 

If you have the relevant skills and experience and are excited about this project, please send your CV, a recent headshot and a little something about why you’d like to be involved in this project (no more than 100 words) to before 6pm on 2nd February.

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