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A brief note about the real experience of volunteering in Swansea

September 25, 2018

I had this short account from one of our MA learners, who had taken the time to volunteer with Unity in Diversity, Swansea. It shows how volunteering can benefit you as well as the people you volunteer to assist. Well done to Sunny for taking the step to help others and thereby also improve her own knowledge and skills! Sunny intends to return to Swansea to take her CELTA course when she’s finally completed all her studies in China.

Hello. This is Sunny. I’d like to say thank you for recommending me to be a volunteer at Unity in Diversity last year. I have been volunteering in UID from last October after you sent me the email. I am so glad that I have this chance. I met a lot of interesting people. I learned a lot from the teachers in UID and most of them have CELTA certifications. There are also many other volunteers from Swansea University. They helped me a lot to learn more about the British Culture. When I helped people here to learn English I also improved my own English skills. This is such a great chance for me to gain my teaching experience as well. Before I studied at Swansea University, I have no teaching experience and I even don’t have opportunities to observe other teachers’ teaching.  All I learned from Unity in Diversity and the Teaching Practice Class helped me a lot when I preparing my portfolio.  I highly recommend TESOL students who take the course but have no teaching experience to join Unity in Diversity.  I feel more confident than before. … Thank you again for letting me know UID.

Thanks for all your help in the last year. I enjoy my study very much in Swansea University. 

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