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Erasmus + Programme – why it’s so worthwhile – A guest post

March 18, 2019

Here is a guest post from an Ex-CELTA trainee with ELTS, Swansea University, concerning her experience with the Erasmus + programme. As you will read, it appears to have been a success!

Erasmus + Programme – why it’s so worthwhile

I’ve recently returned from sunny Valencia where I had a volunteer placement in a secondary school for 4 weeks.  It was a fantastic experience from start to finish. It began in Chester, the home of the organisers, UKLC, where we had a week of intensive training on teaching juniors – this proved invaluable in the month that followed.

I was teaching alongside my mentor Blanca, who was the English teacher for ESO 2 – 4, that is ages 12 to 16. She started me off gently, I was teaching 20 minutes of the hour long classes for the first week and I gradually built up to the whole hour by the third week. You work from a course book as you do in your CELTA training, but I had free rein on how I taught the topic. I was able to put so much of what I learned on my CELTA course into practice –  the students particularly liked ‘Back to the Board’.

I lived in a lovely apartment 20 minutes from the beach with 3 other trainee teachers and we shared our experiences, skills (and sometimes laptops) with each other, so it was a very supportive environment to be in. Did I say everything is paid for? Your flights, accommodation, food and transport while you’re there – all you need to do is get yourself to Chester.

So I’d urge any of you doing your CELTA now, or those of you who have recently qualified to grab this opportunity with both hands.  I learned so much from being in a real-life teaching situation (especially classroom management – Spanish schools are incredibly noisy) that my confidence has increased tenfold and I feel ready to enter the world of ESL teaching – which I am about to do, as I’ve been given a Teacher/Activity Leader position with UKLC on their Spring School!

You can read all about it here, but if you have any questions do get in touch with UKLC, the people there are very  friendly and approachable .

Buena suerte, d.

CELTA Graduate 2018

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