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EF Summer jobs 2019 – UK , Ireland and Malta

April 5, 2019

David Bish, the Director of Academic Management, EF Language Travel, writes with an update on summer jobs in the UK, Ireland and Malta. In previous years, Swansea CELTA graduates have worked in Malta over the summer, reporting a really good experience. Note that we don’t have any non-native speaker nonsense from EF where they are not obliged to follow that stipulation (EF in Asia have to follow the restrictive host country requirements). So, well qualified NNS can apply:

“In the run up to our summer courses, EF Language Travel still has excellent employment opportunities for your trainees from June to Augusts.  Here is the hotlist:

Management roles

For experienced teachers

Teaching roles
Malta Malta Malta (see flyer)
UK Isle of Wight
Roles across the UK with Junior and senior younger learners. Residential and non-residential
Ireland Dublin Dublin, Cork

I have attached a poster for your noticeboard about our great offer in Malta as well as our more general flyer.  Any applicant (especially potential managers) can contact me direct or begin an application online for a specific role through

As one of our recommended training providers I can also arrange to talk to trainees online, through a webinar or visit from local staff or send in additional recruitment material by post. I am proud to say that EF Education First welcomes applications from qualified native and non-native teachers alike. I can guarantee a fast-track online interview for any applicant from your school.

Malta Flyer

EF LT Jobs 2018

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