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insidenglish, Torremaggiore, Puglia, Italy. Teacher for 2019 season

July 9, 2019

A guest post from Laura Shearer, from sunny Italy.

I’m Laura Shearer and I’m the owner of insidenglish in a town called Torremaggiore in Puglia, Italy.  We are looking for two EFL teachers to join our teaching team for the new academic year starting in mid-September 2019. 

In the past we have employed newly trained EFL teachers with a degree and a CELTA with great success.  We offer support to new teachers through workshops, observations and peer support.  We have had a lot of applicants with online TEFL certificates, however, we do prefer a teacher who has had support learning the basics of EFL teaching which a CELTA course can provide.

We are not in a big city, we’re in a town of 18,000 inhabitants, so I am well aware it’s not the location for everyone.  However,  our students are keen, friendly and welcoming.  We’ve had several teachers who have stayed with us for many years, who have enjoyed working with us and the experience of living in Italy.

In the meantime, I’ve attached our job ad.  I also have a more in-depth file about the school, courses and town, which I’d be happy to forward to any interested applicant to have a look at.  I’d also be happy to put prospective teachers in touch with teachers who have worked with us in the past or are returning to work with us at the end of the summer. Applicants can contact me at either or

Recruitment for EFL can be hard, but I found that having the post passed on through CELTA trainee mailing lists is one of the most effective ways of finding teachers.

Laura Shearer


Tel 0039 0882 381419

EFL Teachers – 2019-2020 job advert insidenglish

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